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Diving Club Dreiländereck
Diving and training together
and maintaining fitness

Diving club

When you have completed a diving course, you and your children can...

  • explore the under-water world worldwide,
  • expand and deepen your abilities and knowledge by taking a further higher level or speciality courses,
  • become a member in our Diving Club to participate at the regular diving fitness training, diving excursions and other activities,
  • benefit from our reduced prices on diving equipment and tank refills,
  • enjoy free accompanied dives.

After a completed diving training, divers often ask themselves how and where to continue their diving also outside the vacation. In our Diving Club Dreiländereck all divers can find this possibility - including those from other diving organizations.

Our members meet on weekends for diving, and they plan diving excursions and journeys to different locations.

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We meet for endurance diving training at the public swimming pool, and socialising afterwards. As and when it suits.

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