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How to get in touch with us...
in the diving school in Lörrach

How to find us

in the building of the former enterprise Kuhs in Lörrach Hauingen, Lingertstrasse 3

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  • Driving on the inter-city road Lörrach Haagen, Hauingen Steinen turn into the Lingertstrasse.
  • Located in the 3rd building on the left side you'll find the Diving School Dreiländereck.
  • Please do not park your car directly in front of the entrance, the parkings are hired private.
    So please park your car at the public parking area near the Kopierservice, along the road or in the backyard of the Diving school.
    Please pay attention not to block the private gateways.
    GoogleMaps and route planer "Hauingen" Attention, you are leaving the area of our privacy protection and change over to GOOGLE
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