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Pool training
How to get in touch with us...
at the public pool Steinen or Maulburg

Summer season - from mid of May to end of September

Education and training "Open-air pool" Steinen, Wednesday 17:30-20:00

Open-air pool Steinen
Lörracher Strasse 80
(besides the tennis court)
D-79585 Steinen

Foto Steinen
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Winter season - from October to mid of May

For Trainees "Indoor swimming pool" Maulburg, Thursday 20:30-21:45

Alemannenstrasse 7
D-79689 Maulburg

Foto Maulburg
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Winter season - November until March

Beginner training "Indoor swimming pool" Wehr, Thursday 18:30-20:00

Public pool Wehr
Frankenmatt 10
79664 Wehr
(+49) 07762 - 808 555

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